Agro-Pastoral Charity Organization (APCO) recognizes that educating Somalis of all ages, clans and income levels is one of the best strategies to bring peace, security and democracy to Somalia. Through education, Somalis find their voice and are able to make positive contributions to the development of their country. By providing educational opportunities and skills trainings to Galmudug population, APCO is not only helping individuals build sustainable livelihoods, but also providing them with essential tools for actively participating in their communities.

APCO aims to target Galmudug’s youth in many of its educational programs, recognizing that education and related job opportunities serve as important alternatives to the criminal activities that normally target young people for recruitment, including piracy and extremism. APCO also strives for gender parity in its educational programs as part of its endeavor to empower women and girls, and to combat the disparity in educational attainment and livelihood opportunities experienced between women and men.

Currently, APCO is developing several educational programs, including one to provide educational opportunities for nomadic children and youth. In the past, it has enhanced education for Somalis through various projects.