As is often the case in conflict-affected communities, much of the impact of the conflict is borne by women and youth. Agro-Pastoral Charity Organization (APCO) has actively promoted women’s participation in peace building initiatives with the aim of enabling women to articulate and advocate for their socio-economic and political interests.

Agro-Pastoral Charity Organization (APCO)  supports women’s organizations and encourages the involvement of women in all levels of peace building at the village, region and national levels and promotes peace and human rights through the following activities:

  • Supporting community mechanisms for averting and resolving conflicts through dialogue
  • Building the capacity of women’s organizations to identify mediators and strategize on conflict prevention and resolution
  • Conducting awareness campaigns on peace, democracy and democratic governance
  • Provide protection monitoring network for the displaced and victim of violence.

Since its inception Agro-Pastoral Charity Organization (APCO) have held seminars for the locals on peace building and co-existence of community through dialogue of any problem that arise. Agro-Pastoral Charity Organization (APCO) is also involved in mainstreaming its program with protection issues. We provide psychosocial support to victims of Gender Based Violence (GBV) and other protection related issues.




APCO team updates its GBV knowledge and skills at high level  UN organized training’s and workshops